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Barnes Fragrance Fair
20th May 2023
10.00am to 5.00pm • Barnes Green Centre, London SW13 9HE

Trying on Perfume

The Barnes Fragrance Fair will present some of the best and most celebrated Independent fragrance brands from the UK in an engaging scented experience.


We will have local perfumer and globally successful brand founder Sarah McCartney from 4160 Tuesdays, who will be holding fragrance workshops throughout the day, where visitors can create their own scent. There will be talks with leading fragrance writers, perfumers and industry insiders covering how fragrance can help with mental health and wellness, as well as what fragrance ingredients look and smell like before they turn into perfume. We’re linking music and scent with Olympic Studio Records and we’ll even have scent for dogs.


The Fair will have stalls selling captivating fragrances and delicious home scents, with the founders and perfumers available to properly help you discover what works best for you. There’s Smelly Bingo for children and a scent walk for youngsters to get involved with, the aim is to make it a fun, sensory and hugely enjoyable experience for all.


We hope you’ll learn something about scent as well as picking up your new favourite fragrance.

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Fragrance Fair Brands


GALLIVANT is a multi award-winning independent perfume-maker from London, founded and created by Nick Steward, with a collection of travel-inspired playful, thoughtful, unisex fragrances. Perfumed escapism. Made in England.

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To The Fairest

To The Fairest, founded by Rebecca Rose, creates award-winning Eau de Parfum, Satin Body Oils and Scented Candles, all made in the UK. Before moving into perfumery, Rebecca was a vintage fashion dealer and owner of London boutique Juno Says Hello. History and literature is a huge influence on her creative process.

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Maya Njie

Maya Njie features a range of modern artisan fragrances inspired by Maya’s Swedish upbringing and West African heritage. Her fragrances reconstruct nostalgic moments in time through perfume, those elusive moments which otherwise may have slipped quietly away.

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Fiole’s innovative fragrance discovery system is a personalised experience where, after setting your preferences in the easy-to-use ‘Fragrance Finder’, you receive a personalised sample set to try at home. With six scents, from a carefully curated selection of fragrance houses, your Fiole Box is designed to match your personal taste.

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4160 Tuesdays

Sarah McCartney is a perfumer, writer and teacher. She and her team hand make adventurous fragrances in their West London studio. Best-selling The Sexiest Scent on the Planet. Ever. (I.M.H.O.), is sold everywhere from Los Angeles to Seoul, via Cardiff. Sarah teaches artisan perfume-making at her studio, bringing this secretive skill to students worldwide.

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Olfactive O

Olfactive O believe that the scent you choose should be intricately tailored to your identity and anything you spray on should be an extension of your own scent, like a second skin. Founder Olivia Da Costa suggests you choose your signature scents not just by how they smell, but by how much you identify with who they are, picking fragrances that best suits your personality.

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Boujee Bougies

Boujee Bougies is the creative partnership of two fragrance obsessives Pia Long, and Nick Gilbert, who together run fragrance development laboratory Olfiction. After creating hundreds of fragrances for other brands they launched Boujee Bougies, an irreverent, creative and exquisite candle collection, to give themselves the freedom to serve their own ideas on a Boujee platter.

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The Exploration Station

The Exploration Station will bring some of the most exciting independent European fragrance brands to the fair allowing visitors to trial small quantities of these beautiful and compelling scents through a Travalo refillable scent pod.


Perfino combines expertly blended, 100% natural, pure essential oils with exquisite jewellery so you can wear scent all day long without any fragrance touching your skin.


The solid recycled silver and 18ct gold vermeil, artisan designed pendant comes with lava stones and expertly blended, sustainably sourced natural essential oils.

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L'Orchestre Parfum

L’Orchestre Parfum is a French independent brand that went in search of the "smell of music" with the greatest craftsmen and luthiers around the world. Essences of guitar wood, trombone brass, kora leather are all used for inspiration. Great perfumers have associated these scents with the most beautiful perfume materials and virtuosos from all over the world have composed the melody in total freedom. The result? A new perfume experience, unique and unforgettable.

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Natasha is a fine artist based in Hackney, East London. For generations, Natasha’s family has hand-picked wild plants from the Macedonian mountains to create healing teas and remedies for various ailments. It was here where Natasha’s grandparents taught her about the therapeutic, wellbeing properties of plants.

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Fifth Sense

Fifth Sense, the charity for people affected by smell and taste disorders, is proud to be the nominated charity for the inaugural Barnes Fragrance Fair. The Fifth Sense team will be running some engaging smell-based activities on the day to highlight the different ways that smell plays a vital role in our lives and sharing information and resources to help those experiencing problems with their senses of smell and taste.


Fifth Sense is registered as a charity in England and Wales No. 1175553

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