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Barnes Fragrance Fair
20th May 2023
10.00am to 5.00pm • Barnes Green Centre, London SW13 9HE

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In November 2020, Fiole burst onto the scene with a disruptive approach that challenged the conventions of the fragrance industry. Founded by specialists Josh Carter and Samuel Gearing, their innovative concept quickly saw them become known as the brand that is “Leading the way in the fragrance space” - GQ.


The key feature of the Fiole site is a personalised experience where, after setting your preferences in the remarkably easy-to-use ‘Fragrance Finder’, you receive a personalised sample set to try at home.


With six scents, from a carefully curated selection of fragrance houses, your Fiole Box is designed to match your personal taste and has had a startlingly successful reaction with its customers.

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Perfume Sample
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