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See you on 18th May 2024 • 10.00am to 5.00pm • Barnes, LONDON SW13 9HE


Start Talking Scents
Talks & Workshops. Full session details to be confirmed. Bookings Open in March 2024.

My Perfumista Life
with Jo Fairley

Alice du Parcq interviews fragrance A-Lister Jo Fairley
From picking roses in Chanel’s fields to private concerts by Charles Aznavour with Lancôme, Jo Fairley shares her most scentsational perfume adventures and behind-the-scenes tales of the fragrance industry.


The journalist, author and entrepreneur - who also founded chocolate empire Green & Blacks - is one of the most awarded writers of our time, and will also be uncovering her own personal favourite scents from our Fair’s brands.

Sat, 18 May 2024, 13:00


Our Spring/ Summer Perfume Wardrobes

with Alice du Parcq and Suzy Nightingale

Step into an immersive smell-along experience with award-winning perfume writers and scent-influencers Alice du Parcq and Suzy Nightingale.


Let your noses go on a springtime perfume adventure as Suzy and Alice select their stand-out scents from the Barnes Fragrance Festival, diving into their backstories and ingredient blends while sniffing all together.


Learn how to express your sense of smell through imaginative words, and feel inspired to build your seasonal perfume wardrobe to match your moods.

Sat, 18 May 2024, 14:30




with Jusbox and Olympic Studios

Haydn Williams, Roger Miles with Andrea and Chiara Valdo of Jusbox. The link between music and fragrance is strong and listening to music when trying scents can create a remarkable connection between the brain and the nose.

Hosted at the world renowned Olympic Studios Records, this scent and sound treat will take you on an immersive journey to link music recorded at The Olympic with scented memories.

Award winning fragrance writer, blogger and podcaster Haydn Williams, Olympic Studios archivist Roger Miles and Jusbox perfume's Andrea and Chiara Valdo will be your hosts at this unmissable event.

Sat, 18 May 2024, 10:00 • 1 Hour

Sat, 18 May 2024, 14:00 • 1 Hour



The Smell of Barnes

A scented walk of discovery through our lovely village

So you thought you knew the scents of your local high street? Come with us on a scented walk through Barnes, with our fragrance history expert Olga Petrouchenko of Perfume Daze, who will link everyday smells with extraordinary stories about both fragrance ingredients, fragrance inspiration and local history. 

We will walk through the high street - stopping off at a selection of interesting-smelling stores -  and the greener parts of Barnes Common to investigate how the ordinary smells of our surroundings have influenced perfumers to create some extraordinary fragrance masterpieces. 

We'll be demonstrating which fragrance ingredients are used to create the smell of, for example, old books and church flagstones with a bit of  freshly cut grass and even a babbling brook thrown in for fun.

This walk will happen come rain or shine, so please wear suitable clothing and footwear.

Sat, 18 May 2024, 15:30


Sniff & Sip
with Olfactive O
St Mary's Church, Melville Room

London based fragrance brand Olfactive O will offer Scent and Sip workshops, with brand founder Olivia Da Costa and wine expert Tom Boronat, where the ingredient notes from Olfactive O's beautiful collection of scents will be paired with delicious wines carefully selected to complement each other.


A big (and busy) success at last year's Fair, this year we are giving Olivia and Tom more room and time by offering totally immersive workshops to further explore this intriguing journey.

Sat, 18 May 2024, 13:15



Sat, 18 May 2024, 14:45



Sat, 18 May 2024, 16:15

Candles and

with RNDL

Entrepreneur Jack Randall is bringing his exciting Candles & Canapes Workshop to the fair this year, where he will demonstrate how to elevate your home entertaining while making your house smell divine.


Along with his resident chef, he will break down the fragrance ingredients in each candle, explain a little about how each one works and demonstrate which food ingredients ( via some delicious canapés) will pair best with each aroma. 

Sat, 18 May 2024, 11:30



Sat, 18 May 2024, 13:30



Sat, 18 May 2024, 15:00





Early bird access to Barnes Fragrance Fair.

with Olga Petrouchenko

For anyone wishing to beat the rush and gain a more insightful introduction to our brands, join PerfumeDaze's Olga Petrouchenko for early-doors access before the fair opens and she'll walk you through the brands and help you select your perfect scent.


This ticket will also allow access to two of our fascinating talks (NB. workshops are not included in the selection)

Please note we will be serving a coffee, tea and pastries breakfast

We will allocate tickets for your selected talks on the morning. 

Sat, 18 May 2024, 8:30 - 11.30

4160 Tuesdays
Scent Making Workshops

with Sarah McCartney
St Mary's Church, Ellerton Room

Join our local Hammersmith based perfumer Sarah McCartney for an engaging workshop where you will learn more about fragrance and create your own scent with Sarah's guidance.


These workshops sold out quickly last year, so don't delay in booking if you are interested. 

Sat, 18 May 2024, 11:00

Sat, 18 May 2024, 14:00

Our Speakers

Alice du Parcq. Office headshot.JPG

Alice du Parcq

Alice du Parcq is a fragrance presenter and content creator on a mission to decode perfume in a fun, relatable and objective way through her Instagram channel @aliceduparcq, and hosts customer events for fragrance brands in store and online. 

She was a magazine beauty journalist for over 15 years before specialising, and has since won 3 prestigious Jasmine Awards for her fragrance writing and creative projects. She won one in 2022 for her 'Desert Island Spritz' InstaLive show, where Alice interviews high profile perfume-lovers about their most beloved scents, with past guests including Richard. E. Grant, Sali Hughes and Caroline Hirons. 


Alice grew up in Barnes and lives locally, with over a dozen family members still in SW13! After years spent helping her mother-in-law Diane du Parcq on the catering and Pimms tents at Barnes Fair and the Barnes Food Fair, she's thrilled to bring her own passion and expertise on stage.

Perfume Bottles

Josephine Fairley

Jo Fairley has been scent-obsessed since the age of two, when her grandmother introduced her to the smell of geraniums. After leaving school at 16, Jo went on to become the youngest-ever magazine editor, at the age of 23, editing first Look Now and then Honey – roles which gave Jo a ringside seat at some of the most extravagant fragrance launches of all time.


As a journalist who went on to cover everything from sumo wrestling to sustainability (for The Times), Jo began her perfume-writing life with a feature for Woman's Journal, which won her first of six Jasmine Awards. After several years writing her blog, The Scent Critic, in 2014 Jo co-founded The Perfume Society, and today edits the Society's multi-Award-winning magazine, The Scented Letter; she is also co-author of The Perfume Bible.


Alongside her journalism, Jo has become a serial entrepreneur, having co-founded Green & Black's with her husband Craig Sams, and is Editor of, which grew out of The Beauty Bible series of books co-written with Sarah Stacey. (She's still crazy about geraniums.)


Haydn Williams

Haydn is a freelance writer, blogger and podcaster. He writes regularly about fragrance, grooming and gifting for titles such as Grazia and Closer. He has his own website and Instagram page called ‘You smell great! What is it?’. Last year he launched a podcast about fragrance, grooming and self-care aimed at men called ‘Man In The Mirror’ - guests have included perfumers, brand founders and Oscar-nominated actor Richard E. Grant. Haydn was the recipient of the ‘Rising Star’ award at the 2022 Fragrance Foundation ‘Jasmine' Awards.

Oils & Candle
suzy and nicola.jpeg

Suzy Nightingale

Suzy Nightingale is a fragrance expert and multi-award-winning journalist, writing for publications such as The Perfume Society’s magazine, The Scented Letter; Grazia Middle East, Elle online, Boots magazine, and trend reporting for Stylus. Having originally appeared as a guest on Outspoken Beauty, Suzy now co-hosts the twice-weekly On the Scent podcast with Nicola.

Lavender Fields
andrea and chiara valdo.jpg

Andrea Valdo

Andrea and Chiara Valdo are the joint company CEOs and are at the helm of the creative laboratory V-Monkeys, leading Jusbox Perfumes on a continuous quest for innovation and absolute quality. Know-how, design, research, heritage and uniqueness are the brand’s core values. Jusbox Perfumes reinterpret the universal language of music, creating excellence in the art of perfumery through olfactory re-expressions of rhythm, melody, culture and lifestyle. Icons,the brand’s first collection, was launched in May 2016.


Roger Miles

After 32 years as an accountant at Deloitte, Roger retired in June 2009 to pursue a new career in the Arts. After graduating from Chelsea College of Arts with a BA in Fine Art he then completed an MA in Sculpture at the RCA. Roger's art practice is a combination of immersive installations, performance and the memorialisation and cannibalisation of found objects.

He's completed several unusual residencies over the years as a source of new ideas and exciting found objects. The residencies include a three month stint at Townmead Road Recycling and Re-Use Centre- SW London, a mannequin factory in Walthamstow, North London and in a sixty year-old thrift store, called Elsewhere, in Greensboro’, North Carolina, USA.


His latest and most long lasting installation is as archivist and manager of the Olympic Studios Records vinyl record shop, located opposite and funded by the famous Olympic Studios. He is gradually building its iconic archive of music and stories, helped by the residents of Barnes who remember the original Studio. But he has also been curious about the role of music and scent. The Record Shop stocks L'Orchestre Parfum, a  fragrance collection which creates beautiful scent around music and musical instruments, and the Scented Revolutions talks will discover how music and our sense of smell are very closely linked.

Handmade Soap Bars
Olga P 01.jpeg

Olga Petrouchenko

Olga Petrouchenko is a perfume collector and storyteller besotted with fragrances and passionate about the history of perfumes and the people who both created and wore them. A member of The Perfume Society and The Fragrance Foundation UK, Olga organises historical perfume walks in Mayfair, Covent Garden, and Knightsbridge via @perfumewalks.


For Barnes Fragrance Fair she will be hosting a Secret Scented Breakfast, which will offer early access to the fair and a walk around the brands we're featuring. Her portfolio also includes perfume profiling, workshops and talks on the history of perfumery, on fragrances in literature, music, movies, and fashion.


Olga has lectured and shared her expertise on the history of perfumery in venues such as Pushkin House London attracting perfume enthusiasts, journalists, perfume influencers and historians alike. She speaks fluently in Russian, Italian and English and has a blog @perfumedaze on social media, followed by more than 2000 perfume lovers. This number continues to grow together with her collection of vintage, modern perfume bottles and soaps from all over the world.

Olga p 02.jpeg
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