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See you on 18th May 2024 • 10.00am to 5.00pm • Barnes, LONDON SW13 9HE

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Olfactive O believe that the scent you choose should be intricately tailored to your personality and anything you spray on should be an extension of your own scent, like a second skin. They invite you to choose your signature scents not just by how they smell, but by how much you identify with who they are.  


It is a Perfume House forged by two halves; Olfactive and O. Olfactive is their Grasse-trained master Creative Perfumer. A private man, who having worked for some of the top perfume houses, craved the seclusion and peace of his own studio in the British countryside which is where he now develops the unique, unfettered scents of Olfactive O.


O is their Creative Director – Olivia. She believes in the power of a fragrance to communicate to others who you are. Frustrated by the commerciality of the big brand perfumes and the lost magic of mainstream scents, she launched Olfactive O to give her clients a simple understanding of what fragrances best suit facets of their personality.

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