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See you on 18th May 2024 • 10.00am to 5.00pm • Barnes, LONDON SW13 9HE



The creative partnership of two fragrance obsessives turned pro, who became fast friends after their paths crossed on a fragrance forum, the candles in this collection represent the joy of becoming good at what you love.

Boujee Bougies started with irreverent creativity and exquisite candle fragrances. Focusing on making fragrance the star of every product they create for, founders Pia Long and Nick Gilbert have been running their own fragrance development lab Olfiction since 2016. After creating hundreds of fragrances for other brands, Boujee Bougies was formed to give this powerhouse team the freedom to serve their own ideas on a Boujee platter.

The Boujee Bougie was designed for people who select their candle fragrances with the same curiosity and passion as they look for a perfume.



Pia is the perfumer behind all of our fragrances, expressing their stories in original olfactive forms. Having worked with fragrance since her teens, her  route to perfumery was as creative as her perfumery is today.


She made the move from fragrance retail to behind the scenes in 2009 and worked for three companies and through them, several brands, until co-founding Olfiction in 2016.


She is a member of the Société Internationale des Parfumeurs-Créateurs and a Council Member of the British Society of Perfumers.

Pia L ong HEADSHOT.jpg
Nick Gilbert HEADSHOT.jpg



Nick is a fragrance industry veteran who has a unique vision for the future of our trade and the experience to bring it to life.


He has worked in retail, marketing and training, and now offers fragrance evaluation, training and consultancy, helping brands create brilliant products that resonate with consumers.


At Boujee, Nick is the creative director for the brand story, concept and product ideas.

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