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Barnes Fragrance Fair
20th May 2023
10.00am to 5.00pm • Barnes Green Centre, London SW13 9HE

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L'Orchestre Parfum


L’Orchestre Parfum is a French independent brand that went in search of the "smell of music" with the greatest craftsmen and luthiers around the world. Essences of guitar wood, trombone brass, kora leather are all used for inspiration. Great perfumers have associated these scents with the most beautiful perfume materials and virtuosos from all over the world have composed the melody in total freedom. The result? A new perfume experience, unique and unforgettable.

The connection between fragrance and music has the power to amplify emotion. Founder Pierre Guguen has created a wonderful collection of fragrances to smell and listen to.

All L'Orchestre Parfum fragrances are responsibly created and made in France. 100% vegan, they are made with natural alcohol from French beets. We believe that learning music is life changing. We have therefore engaged in major music-educational program called Démos (La Philarmonie Paris). The goal? Give access to as many children as possible to the study and practice of music.

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Perfume Sample
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